Magna Shot B-12 (5000 mcg)

SKU: 221-60
Magna Shot B-12 (5000 mcg)
Magna Shot B-12 (5000 mcg)
Magna Shot B-12 (5000 mcg)

Magna Shot B-12 (5000 mcg)

SKU: 221-60
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Magna Shot B-12 5000 mcg w/ 400 mcg Folic Acid Sublingual

SKU 221-60

This nutrient is involved in a variety of functions which work to assure the normal functioning of all cells. B-12 is needed to help with the metabolism of amino acids, supports the central nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. B-12 also helps support red blood cell formation as well as the synthesis of DNA and it contributes to neural function. B-12 is the primary nutrient lacking in pernicious anemia. Folic Acid is included to assist in red blood cell formation. Easily broken down in the stomach acid this sublingual form of B-12 provides optimal assimilation of this important nutrient. Available in 60 Lozenges.

Viva Vitamins are proudly made in the USA and contain No GMOs and are manufactured in a NSF - GMP Certified Facility



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