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Viva Vitamins stands behind every product we make. The more you know about the supplements you’re taking, the more you’ll realize how beneficial they are and how they work. Below you’ll find a massive library to help educate and inform, on a variety of levels. Our contributing authors have made these articles available to us to pass along to you. So, feel free to download and enjoy!


Gene Bruno is the Dean of Academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences, a nationally accredited distance learning college offering diplomas and degrees in nutrition and other health science related subjects. Gene has two undergraduate diplomas in nutrition, Bachelors of Applied Science in Nutrition, a Master of Science in Nutrition, a graduate diploma in Herbal Medicine, and a Master of Health Science (specialization in Herbal Medicine).

He is currently working on his doctorate. For 40 years, Gene has provided professional services to the nutrition/herbal and natural products industries, as well as to the public. These services include education and training for retail natural products stores and health care professionals; clinical nutrition/medical herbalism in chiropractic, mental health and corporate facilities; and the research, formulation and development of natural products for more than a dozen dietary supplement companies in the United States and Canada.

Chad Brey is our resident genius with years of experience in the lab. As Viva’s research chemist, Chad’s white coat stands for excellence, success and quality. He holds a B.S. degree in biochemistry from California State University, Northridge. He has worked as a chemist in various fields including Inorganic chemistry- U.S.Borax, pharmaceutical biochemistry research – Amgen, Analytical chemistry – Baxter Biosciences, organic/silicone chemistry research – Nusil Technology.

Chad and Bernard have been working together for over 13 years. In fact, Chad worked in Bernard’s retail store while studying to become a chemist. Chad has written 100’s of informative literature pieces. These articles can be downloaded here and are one of the many ways Viva Vitamins works hard to help you make informed decisions regarding vitamins and Supplements for you and your family.