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Quality Vitamins, Quality People.

Quality. Integrity. Experience.
These Are The First Ingredients In Viva Vitamins

People don’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care.

“Those were the words of my wise and admired father, and they have become the principle by which I conduct my business each day. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Viva Vitamins. In this world, concern for others and ethical commitment are paramount. We create healthier, happier, more energetic lifestyles through the expert development and distribution of premium, cost-effective nutritional supplements. Viva Vitamins is proud to present a continuously growing range of vitamins and nutritional supplements that are backed by real, innovative science. Our team of highly experienced experts begins in the laboratory and extends to our retail stores, encompassing every step along the way. The results: exceptional nutraceuticals, enthusiastic customer service, and healthy, happy customers. Welcome to our world!”

– Bernard Kash, Founder

Anyone who has met Bernard Kash, founder of Viva Vitamins and Earth Wise Nutrition Centers knows this one thing – he cares! After the untimely death of his father, Bernard was determined to find natural methods and alternative medicines to help others avoid and overcome health conditions that rob us of the quality of life to which we are entitled.

Bernard has spent over 20 years in the natural wellness industry as a vitamin store owner and as a natural wellness specialist. By working directly with his customers to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle – he discovered many “holes” in customer service by other companies as well as products that were not delivering results. In 2004 Bernard Kash was compelled to create a vitamin supplement company with a mission like no other vitamin line: to be company dedicated to the service of the consumer, and not about the bottom line. He believes that if you help people achieve a healthier, happier life, the financial means to provide this much needed valuable service will come. Fitness and brand promotions expert Cheryl Broughton came on board to help Bernard with the creation and together they founded Viva Vitamins and Earth Wise Nutrition Centers. They have contracted with some of the most respected and seasoned professionals in the manufacturing industry and a staff of scientists to further improve the quality and efficaciousness of the formulations. Numerous testimonies and Doctor’s recommendations say it all: Viva Vitamins and Earth Wise Vitamins are made with the highest quality standards and are backed by outstanding customer service. So, it’s no surprise they have quickly grown to a line of over 250 products!


The team at Viva Vitamins is the real thing.
Good people with real integrity, knowledge, and a genuine love for what they do.

Great Earth Vitamins Corporate Headquarters closed in March, 2009. Meanwhile, the remaining independently owned Great Earth throughout the U.S. decided to bond together as a family and take charge of their own destiny. They created Viva Vitamins and Earth Wise Vitamins. Teaming up with a group of highly respected professionals, doctors, scientists and nutraceutical formulators, they improved the quality and efficaciousness of the Great Earth formulas which are now called Earth Wise Vitamins and Viva Vitamins.

Great Earth is now Viva

Both of these brands are proudly made in the United States, are GMP compliant, all natural and have grown to a line of over 300 products. You can purchase Earth Wise Vitamins and Viva Vitamins with the same confidence as you did buying the Great Earth products for the last 40 years.  Numerous testimonials and doctor’s recommendations say it all: Earth Wise and Viva Vitamins are made with the highest quality standards and are backed by outstanding customer service.